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Replacement Latch for Mechanical Locks

Replacement Latch for Mechanical Locks£14.85  -  £23.65

KL1000 KitLock Locker Lock

KL1000 KitLock Locker Lock£42.35

Codelocks Developer Programme

Customers who are looking to generate NetCodes from their own applications are invited to apply to join the Codelocks Developer Programme (CDP). This programme provides access to the Codelocks API and is suited to those who are building/operating booking or resource management systems. Examples of usage include:

Resource Management
Management applications providing temporary codes to contractors for access to plant rooms and equipment lockers.

Delivery Drop Boxes/Lockers
Providing temporary single-use, short duration codes as part of a parcel/goods/laundry collection & delivery service.

Online Sports Facility Booking Websites
Websites that take bookings, payments and subsequently provide a temporary access code for the lock.

Apply to join CDP

If have not already been in contact with our sales team, a member of our sales team will make contact to discuss your project after your application has been submitted. We recommend discussing your project with our team prior to applying -

Codelocks Account/Sales Manager: *
Please confirm which Account/Sales Manager you have been in discussion with. We recommend contacting or your local sales office prior to completing this application.
Your Region: *
Which geographical region are you primarily based in?
Company Name: *
Company for which the project is for. If you are a development agency, this should be the company name of your customer.
Agency Name:
Only complete if you are a development agency undertaking this project on behalf of your own customer.
Contact Name: *
Your Project Manager
Email Address: *
Email address of your Project Manager
Phone Number: *
Phone number of your Project Manager
Project Type:  *
Web Application, Mobile Application, Desktop/Server Application
Project Description: *
Describe your project - e.g. is it for online booking, resource management?
Initial Number of Locks: *
How many locks will your project launch with
Estimate NetCode Volume: *
How many NetCodes will you be generating in year 1 (all locks)
Development Language: *
Which language will you be using. If multiple, this refers to the language used to call the API
Previous API Experience:  *
Do you have experience of integrating web-based APIs