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NetCode Portal - Features

The NetCode Portal is the web based control panel for creating and issuing codes to unlock NetCode enabled locks. The web-based nature of the system allows a manager or administrator to remotely control access to lockers, cabinets and racks from any remote location with an internet connection.

All NetCode locks are registered via the web-based NetCode Portal. Once registered, NetCodes can be generated and shared via email and SMS text message. A built-in history provides an audit of all NetCodes created for each lock.

Additional Portal Features

Profile Management
Customise notifications and settings.

Associate Users
Add additional users to your account. These users can generate NetCodes for your locks.

NetCode History
View the NetCodes created for every registered lock on the account.

Choose from English and German. Language pack available for translation into other languages. The NetCode Portal can be customised via CSS and custom logos added. For CSS customise, a hosting charge is applied. Please contact Codelocks to discuss these options.

Key Features of the Portal:

  • Register up to 10 NetCode enabled locks for free - view pricing for additional locks
  • Receive 10 free SMS notification credits when you register
  • Send NetCodes via email, SMS or voice message
  • View the history of all NetCodes created in your account
  • Customise notification messages
  • Brand your controlpanel with your own logo and colours
  • Create NetCodes by sending an SMS - whitelist permitted mobile numbers
  • Add additional Portal account users (associate users)
  • Multi-language support

Codelocks provide a simple API (application programming interface) to enable customers to generate NetCodes via their own applications.
All standard NetCode types can be created via the API. Prior to generating a NetCode, the lock must be registered via the Portal. Please contact Codelocks to discuss these options.

Want to know more?

If you would like more information or if you are thinking of deploying NetCode enabled locks, please contact our sales team who will be pleased to help!

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KL1060 KitLock NetCode Locker Lock
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