Why locksmiths love Codelocks training

15, Mar 2018

At Codelocks, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure our clients get the very best out of our products. We go beyond designing and manufacturing locks:we nurture talent.

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CL4510 smart lock scores 9 out of 10

17, Jan 2018

Prior to NetCode and our smart locks, Codelocks was a strictly manufacturing and distribution based company. By branching out to software engineering, we have been able to enhance our offering to...

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Standalone in an integrated world

12, Jan 2018

We live in an interconnected world. From fridges to cars, there are few devices left to which we haven't assigned an IP address and welcomed into the growing ecosystem of products we like to call the...

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Everyone loves an upgrade

02, Jan 2018

The array of different locks available today can make your purchasing decision confusing. With a variety of features to choose from, how do you know what lock is best for your bar, restaurant, hotel...

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