Codelocks supplies keyless locking solution for Bisley's office furniture

Leading furniture designer Bisley needed to source an electronic digital lock small and stylish enough to complement its range of office furniture – KitLock’s NANO90 provided the answer.

Bisley designs and provides high-quality, reliable furniture for every working environment. The company began producing office furniture in the 1940s and now manufactures over 15,000 products from its factory in Wales. Since 1989, Bisley has invested more than £80 million in its facilities, helping it become Europe’s leading manufacturer of steel storage products.



The need for additional security in the workplace has grown significantly over the last few years, and as a result, Bisley has seen an increase in demand for lockable office furniture. Although Bisley’s customers require the convenience of lockable storage, they don’t want the hassle of using keys, so Director of Product Development Chris Fowler set out to find a keyless digital lock with the right combination of features and style to enhance the company’s product range.



The KitLock NANO90 product is a compact digital lock specifically designed for office furniture applications. With a footprint of just 30mm by 90mm, the NANO90 combines all the features you’d expect from a KitLock cabinet lock, yet unlike many of its counterparts, it can be flush fitted. Flush-mounted locks are more secure than surface-mounted locks because it’s harder for someone to break the lock off completely, the locks also look much better fitted this way too. When used in Private Function, lock access codes can be used over and over again by one person. “The NANO90 successfully offers the features and benefits of larger format locks in a very compact and attractive format,” explains Chris.



Under an OEM agreement, Codelocks now supply Bisley with thousands of its NANO90 digital locks to secure lockers in the company’s LateralFile and SystemFile product ranges. “The product’s neat, compact and ‘flush’ design has been purposefully detailed to sit happily alongside our existing postal slot and label holders on our MySpace locker units,” continues Chris. “Due to its suitability, we hope to extend the use of the NANO90 product under OEM on further product lines in the future. We’ve been very happy with the service we’ve received from Codelocks on this project so far. Their staff have been professional, attentive and courteous throughout.”

The furniture products are on sale through Bisley’s dealer network, for details

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25, Jan 2016