Environmental Policy


Our headquarters and all new building acquisitions are fitted with building management systems to ensure effective lighting and climate management. Energy tariffs that include renewable sources are in place, with continuous improvement sought as tariffs develop.


Logistics & Transportation

  • Employ continuous improvement processes across our procurement to reduce emissions through minimising air cargo usage and identifying transport inefficiencies.
  • Upgrade Group sites to include electric vehicle charging infrastructure, replace company vehicles with zero emission alternatives and promote adoption of bike-to-work schemes through the provision of associated facilities.



  • To work with our manufacturing partners to scope, implement and improve local environmental policies and procedures, developing pathways to achieve ISO 14001 where full compliance may not already be in place.
  • Employ recognised, external audit services to ensure independent analysis of environmental procedures at our major manufacturing sites with regular reassessment to ensure compliance.



  • We regularly review product packaging throughout the logistics chain to ensure that widely recyclable material is used wherever possible, minimising single use plastics.
  • A program of printed literature reduction operates to reduce waste.


Waste & Recycling

  • Provide and educate on the usage of recycling facilities at all Group sites, providing where possible, alternatives to the production of printed material.
  • Ensure that all Group site facilitate the negation of the need for disposable utensils and containers.
  • To work with electronic equipment suppliers with established e-waste programmes and ensure a zero direct to landfill standard of practise.


Corporate Responsibilities

Ensure that our employees are familiar with and work within the scope of our Environmental Policy, providing internal mechanisms for identification of areas where further improvement may be made.


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