KL1000 KitLock Locker Lock

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The KL1000 KitLock is a compact digital lock ideal for replacing keyed cam locks.

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The KL1000 is a compact digital lock ideal for replacing keyed cam locks commonly supplied on a wide range of lockers, cabinets and cupboards.

This neat lock is easy to fit, taking just a few minutes to remove the existing cam lock and making an additional top fixing. KL1000 can also be fitted to a locker or cabinet that does not have an existing locking device - just drill another hole. Once in place the lock will perform up to 15,000 openings on just two AAA batteries. Access control without the need for keys.

•    11 button keypad
•    8 digit Master and Sub-Master Code
•    4 digit User Code
•    6 digit Technician Code
•    Left hand and right hand versions available
•    Up to 15,000 operations from 2 x AAA batteries (supplied)
•    Battery override
•    Slam latch accessory available
•    IP55 rated when fitted with gasket
•    All parts / fixings / templates included

Private Function
This is the default function and is already pre-programmed in new locks. This function is used where the same code will be repeatedly used, e.g. an employee with the same locker/drawer in the workplace.

Public Function
In this function the KitLock operates with a single User Code. The user enters a personal four digit code, this locks the lock. The same code is entered once only to open the lock before automatically being erased and ready for the next user. This function is used for short term, multiple occupancy applications, e.g. hot desking in an office or a locker in a sports club.

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