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Porsche Centre Preston is a prestige automotive retailer which offers a full range of Porsche services including new and approved preowned car sales, servicing, parts, a service loan fleet and a selection of Porsche demonstrators.


Accelerating control 

Porsche Centre Preston was looking for an adaptable, easy to use locking system where its staff could simply programme locks accordingly for employee and customer access. Due to its showrooms and workshops containing high value cars and equipment, its main priority is to have a lock that is robust and can restrict and permit access to certain areas that coincide with its business hours and needs.  

It is paramount that staff are able to operate the system with ease and can grant access via multiple options. Porsche Centre wanted to remove the hassle of keys being misplaced which could prevent access to both the showrooms and workshops. 

Because of the luxury brand Porsche Centre offers, it wanted an aesthetically pleasing lock to be in keeping with the design of the showroom.



"As a luxury car dealer, the business needs an access control system that offers the utmost peace of mind"




Flexibility is keyless

To ensure that Porsche Centre has an access control system that is simple to use, convenient and provides peace of mind, it chose the CL5500 smart locks – ideal for frequent use. With its flexible keyless access, the CL5500 locks offer remote code generation ensuring entry can be tightly controlled and monitored. 

The CL5500 smart range allows staff to simply program locks via a smartphone and the sophisticated NetCode® technology enables staff to quickly generate and send codes for easy access. Smart cards can also be issued for alternative entry and ease, giving staff the choice of access option. It is important for Porsche Centre to have remote control, as when staff numbers are low it is able to restrict access to certain areas quickly and efficiently, ensuring cars and equipment are secure 24/7.

The lock’s audit trail data can be downloaded and viewed. As a result, the Centre Principle can keep track of who enters which lock-controlled room and at what time. This helps to reduce operational costs of hiring a security service and helps to manage visitor, staff and delivery driver access. 

Paul Pasquali, group operations manager at Porsche Centre Preston explains, “As a luxury car dealer, the business needs an access control system that offers the utmost peace of mind. The unique entry codes, design of the lock and the ability to control access at certain times is very beneficial to us, especially as the vehicles and equipment on site are of such high value. 

“We also now have the ability to link the fire alarm to auto release a fire escape door in the case of a fire, which is extremely important when ensuring that our staff and customers are safe whilst on our premises.”    



"Controlling and managing the locks is now second nature to us. It demonstrates how easy they are to use."




About the CL5500 Smart Locks 

The CL5500 smart locks combine smart technology with traditional keypad and card access, offering complete flexibility and convenience. The locks can be managed and operated via the keypad or smartphone app, making it user friendly for both staff and visitors. Staff can choose the most suitable entry method for their needs, whether that be allowing access via a simple code, compatible card or sending an invitation to a smart phone. 


About NetCode

Innovative technology plays an increasingly important role in enabling smart lock features. With NetCode you can generate time-sensitive codes which allow temporary access. Through the Codelocks Application Programming Interface (API), by downloading the K3 Connect App* or through the Codelocks Connect Portal, codes can be set for a specific start date and time, automatically expiring after a set duration. ‘Code free mode’ can also be set to grant access at preferred times of the day. Generated codes can also be sent by email or SMS.



On the right track 

With its 35-car showroom capacity and 13-bay workshop, Porsche Centre Preston requires a smart thinking access control system that is easy to operate, manage and that offers a number of security benefits. The lock’s NetCode feature enables Porsche Center Preston to grant users access without the need of managing numerous sets of keys. The CL5500 locks eliminate staff misplacing keys and locksmith fees, saving time and money. 

Easy to fit and program, the user friendly CL5500 smart locks are the perfect option for this high traffic environment where a robust, low maintenance and cost-effective solution is required. 

“We are really happy with our CL5500s, we like everything about them. Controlling and managing the locks is now second nature to us. It demonstrates how easy they are to use, which was one of our main priorities. We are very impressed with Codelocks, the follow up visits and advice is first class.”


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18, Feb 2020

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