Codelocks Inc. introduces Gate Panic Hardware Kits


Codelocks Inc., a leading access control company that designs and distributes innovative, keyless door locks and access solutions, introduces its Gate Panic Hardware Kits as part of its Gate Solutions by Codelocks.

The Gate Box Kits, launched in Q4 2020, contain all components required for a straightforward installation, and can now include a surface-mounted exit device. These complete kits provide a simple and effective access control solution for fenced perimeters and outdoor spaces. They are available with selected locks from the Codelocks Mechanical, Electronic and Smart Lock ranges.

“With local swimming pools, tennis courts and parks fully open for the summer season, it’s important that safe emergency exit solutions are considered around the perimeters,” said Matt Welty, Vice President, Americas at Codelocks. “Panic exit devices function differently than a typical door lock, allowing for safe egress and eliminating the need for a key or rotating motion. These devices are typically installed in the path of travel toward an exit of an area that has a capacity of more than 100 individuals.”

Available locks include the CL400, CL500, CL600, CL5200 and CL5500, and are suitable for installation on four different types of fencing, making them an ideal choice for any restricted area that will benefit from controlling access, commercial or residential. The Gate Panic Hardware Kits include a two-piece, 24” tall adjustable width panic shield that is pre-drilled exclusively to accommodate a Codelocks exit device, anti-manipulation components, pre-drilled trim box and Codelocks panic trim.

Codelocks now offers an additional special coating, Clean by Codelocks, which can be applied to any gate or fence lock and utilizes a process called photocatalytic oxidation. The clear coating combats COVID-19 and can reduce bacterial growth by 99.96%*, providing an additional measure of protection over sanitization. Another recent addition to Codelocks mechanical lock range is Marine by Codelocks. Select locks feature a specially enhanced, salt spray tested** black marine grade finish that is specially enhanced to resist exposure to salt spray and moisture, helping to prevent damage caused by corrosion in outdoor and maritime environments.


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*Clean by Codelocks is a brand name operated by Codelocks Inc. to describe products that have been treated with the LumaClean™ Multipurpose Photocatalytic Coating manufactured by USA Nanocoat “the Manufacturer”. All test results, certifications and claims are those applied for or of the Manufacturer. Clean by Codelocks should not be considered a replacement for an overall cleaning and disinfection strategy. No claim is made or implied that Clean by Codelocks provides infallible protection against agents that may be harmful in part or whole to humans or animals. **Tested in-house by Codelocks


13, Jul 2021