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Founded in 1991, Codelocks is a global business with it's company headquarters in the UK, based in Newbury, Berkshire. Codelocks has offices and distribution in California and Australia, and a worldwide network of distributors, many of which are online. Products are therefore widely available to commercial and domestic users.

We live by our family values and our business is built on respect and trust. We pride ourselves on our expertise and making this accessible to our customers. By putting our customers first, we have grown our reputation for providing world-class support. We constantly innovate to deliver world-class products. Codelocks sees technology as a key opportunity and our ability to innovate as we develop new products and services is core to our success.

Facilities, estates and maintenance managers buy our locks to install or replace outdated locks in buildings within the health, hospitality, education, office and leisure markets. Homeowners install our locks on sheds, garages, outbuildings, home offices and holiday rental properties.


Codelocks began trading with a battery powered lock and then a basic mechanical lock from an apartment in London. The operation moved to Berkshire with the office based in converted stables (left) and steadily started to grow with Desmond Ryan at the helm. The opportunity to start designing our own product came in 2004 and allowed us to take control of our destiny and develop the product range we have today; with mechanical locks, electronic locks and our KitLock range of locker locks. Over the past few years we developed NetCode® which in turn has led to our Smart Lock range, taking the company to the next level and opening many new doors.

Codelocks brand is synonymous with quality, the locks are designed in the UK with ease of use in mind, combining functionality with style. The Codelocks factories are accredited with ISO9001:200 quality standard. Having  control of the production process gives Codelocks the confidence to offer product guarantees, including a limited lifetime warranty for every mechanical lock. This means that if the lock develops a manufacturing fault it will be repaired, serviced or replaced free of charge.

we live by our
family values


we live and breathe


we always act with

we put our
customers first


one team


we work for a
sustainable future



Codelocks offers an extensive product range that allows the products to service a wide variety of applications. The locks can be newly installed or retrofitted, and many products can be re-programmed on the door, without the need to remove the lock. Product lines include heavy duty locks that are ideal for high traffic applications, locks with full-sized lever handles, and the option to choose between surface and mortice deadbolts and latches. The battery powered locks perform functions that were only previously available in hard-wired systems relying on external power sources.

Codelocks is constantly utilising and developing the latest technology to improve the functionality of its locks. NetCode allows temporary access codes to be generated remotely through the Codelocks Connect Portal. Our product innovation is bringing the convenience of access control to new markets, such as short term rental property owners, leisure facilities, music studios, schools and colleges, as well as traditional office buildings.


Codelocks have a dedicated UK based technical team which is on hand to respond to any questions or queries. The team draws on its expert knowledge to offer advice and support both pre and post sales, whether that involves specifying the right product for a specific application or providing installation instructions. From one-off orders to large contracts, the high level of customer service remains the same. All prospective and existing customers have access to this source of specialist information and support.

Codelocks also offers industry specific training courses that can be tailored to meet varying customer needs. These courses range from training locksmiths on how best to install our products, to offering demonstrations to facility, estates and operations managers.



From locker locks to door controllers, and even key cabinets, Codelocks has an access control solution for a wide variety of applications.
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Company Number:  02627655

VAT Number:  GB 581 7 425 25

The Codelocks Control + Convenience logo and NetCode® are registered trademarks of Codelocks International Ltd, registered in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries and regions.
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