Codelocks supplies harmonious self-service solution for Pirate Studios


Innovative start-up Pirate Studios were looking for locks that allow musicians self-service access to recording studios and associated locker rentals, at allotted times. Codelocks provided the solution with the CL5510 smart lock, which enables time-specific codes to be created via an online Codelocks Connect Portal and sent remotely via SMS or email.

Pirate Studios is a start-up company offering bands and musicians a new way to rehearse. Rather than expensive hourly hires, its self-service studios are available to hire at allotted times, 24/7. Things are kept as simple as possible, with instant online booking and on-site storage for equipment. It has studios in Birmingham and Bristol, with a new studio in Cardiff nearing completion and further sites in the pipeline.



Access Control To Self-Service Studios

Pirate Studios were searching for a way that customers could let themselves in and out of the studio unaided. This was of the utmost importance to the business model, as eliminating the need for staff onsite would allow it to keep overheads and rental prices down, passing on the benefit to its customers. Smart locks with key code entry and advanced programming functions turned out to be the solution. Pirate Studios are now able to issue customers with time-limited access codes for studio rental and storage lockers. The codes can be sent remotely and automatically expire after a set duration.


Codelocks, In Tune With Convenience

Access control was Pirate Studios’ main concern. Codelocks offered a variety of options to manage and monitor users entering the studio building and individual studio rooms.

Codelocks fitted CL5510 smart locks on the front door and individual studio room doors, and KL1550 KitLock locker locks on the storage for music equipment. These locks allow codes to be created via an online Codelocks Connect Portal and issued to customers via email or SMS. This eliminates the need for staff to be onsite. Musicians receive personalised codes for self-service access to the rehearsal space and/or storage lockers.

Unique codes can be issued for different locks. So, for example, if a musician needed to access their kit, but not a rehearsal space, they would be given two codes:one for the front door and one for storage. Or, for studio room hires, musicians would be given a code for the front door and one for an individual studio door. Codelocks’ smart locks increase convenience and decrease prices for Pirate Studios’ customers.

Security was also a key concern for Pirate Studios. The CL5500 range uses ‘disposable’ time-specific codes, that expire after a set duration. This, combined with the Audit Trail function, ensures that Pirate Studios can track which users are going in and out of the rooms, and at what time. The K3 App allows the locks to be monitored via a smartphone, as well as offering additional functionality in terms of opening the lock with wireless connectivity.


About CL5500 and KL1550

With the CL5500 range, controlling access has never been so convenient, especially since all aspects of the locks can be managed remotely using a smartphone. Users can choose the most suitable entry method for their needs, whether allowing access via a simple code or by the use of compatible smart cards. The lock audit trail data can be downloaded and viewed, to keep track of when and where the lock was accessed. Codes can be set for a specific start date and time, automatically expiring after a set duration. ‘Code free’ periods can be set to allow free access at certain times of day.


“The features that we specifically like about this lock is that it’s a full room lock that gives you time functionality, so it’s working on the NetCode® platform that means that you have got time-specific locks that work time-specific slots. The other thing that is nice is it communicates via Bluetooth. You can open the rooms via Bluetooth, you can communicate with the locks via Bluetooth, and you can access your Audit Trail via Bluetooth. You get a full list of all your entries and exits, and also who’s used the room via a handy app that Codelocks supply.”  - David Borrie, co-founder of Pirate Studios, on the CL5500


The KitLock KL1550 is a multi-purpose locker lock that incorporates advanced programming capabilities, access methods and multiple functions, including supporting NetCode. It not only provides flexible access for end users, but also makes it fast and easy for operators to manage and control access to a large number of lockers, cabinets or enclosures. The purchase of the additional tablet enhances and supports advanced programming and audit trail.


The Perfect Fit

Pirate Studios searched worldwide to find locks that were suitable for their demands, and discovered that Codelocks offered the best solution. They initially contacted Codelocks to ask for their expert advice about NetCodes. Codelocks were able to explain how NetCodes worked, and how this function could work as a perfect duet with Pirate Studios’ existing API system to allow studio booking and locker rentals. Codelocks introduced specific lock options, allowing Pirate Studios to opt for different locks to suit different functions, not only for the individual studio rooms and lockers, but also for their front door access to the studios.


“We were very lucky in finding Codelocks when we did. We had a big requirement for codes that were specific for a time period, in order to make sure our security was tight. We searched high and wide across the globe for a lock that would do that for us, and the Codelocks NetCode was perfect for our requirements. Not only did it provide the functionality we needed, but also a very easy to use back-end that we were able to communicate with easily.” David Borrie, co-founder of Pirate Studios.



For help with an access control solution that meets your staff, customer and building needs or for more information on smart locks, visit


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03, Aug 2016

CL5510 Smart Lock

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