How to change the code on a CL600 mechanical lock

Most push-button mechanical locks must be taken off the door in order to change the access code. In a large building with several locks this procedure could take some time, and could even put people off changing the access codes altogether.

The digital locks in our CL600 product range are designed so that code changes can be made without having to take the lock off the door. Not only does this save time, but it also prevents the inconvenience of having doors out of use for any length of time.

Access codes on CL600 locks are changed from the front using a key. In our latest step-by-step video guide, we show you how to change the access code in these six easy steps.


Step 1

Insert the key and turn it anti-clockwise. If your mechanical keypad lock is mounted on the right hand side of the door, you will need to turn the key clockwise instead.

Step 2

Place the code change tool onto the first button, depress the button and rotate it 180 degrees anti-clockwise. Repeat this with all the buttons so that they are all in the non-code position.

Step 3

Turn the key in the opposite direction until the latch is fully retracted. Then turn it back to the centre and remove.

Step 4

Test that all the buttons are in the non-code position by pressing the 'C' button: the lever should turn and retract the latch. If the lever doesn't turn, repeat the procedure in step two, this time rotating all of the buttons.

Step 5

To set a new code, insert and rotate the key as per step one. Place the code change tool over the selected code buttons in turn, and depress and rotate each one 180 degrees clockwise. Turn the key fully in opposite direction until the latch is retracted, then turn the key back to the centre and remove.

Step 6

Check that your new access code works (remember to start by pressing the 'C' button).

Once you've done this procedure a few times, you can change the code without steps three and four.



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04, Apr 2013