Codelocks digital lock training courses rated 'excellent' and 'informative' by locksmiths

It's been a busy year for training here at Codelocks, as we introduced free courses for locksmiths at our HQ in Newbury, Berkshire. In total we ran 14 courses throughout the year, most of which were oversubscribed. From the feedback we had, the popularity can be accredited to the hands-on nature of the course. 100% of the locksmiths who attended agreed they had benefited from the practical experience and knowledge they gained.

This was of course our aim when we designed the training. We wanted to give locksmiths the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of digital keypad locks and familiarise themselves with our product range. As well as installation advice, we gave tips for servicing and programming in a hands-on environment, something not achievable by looking through wholesale catalogues.

[caption id="attachment_83" align="alignnone" width="150"]Locksmiths training sessions at Codelocks HQ Newbury Locksmiths training sessions at Codelocks HQ Newbury[/caption]

After every training session we asked the locksmiths to complete a questionnaire so that we could get feedback and identify where the course could be improved. All the feedback was very positive. Here are some of the comments:

"A very informative training course and vital to any locksmith unfamiliar with Codelocks products."

"It was excellent, I got all the info I needed and now I feel as though I have more lock options than I currently fit."

"I am the certified locksmith for a large NHS Acute hospital. We have hundreds of mechanical digital locks in use on site. The training course added another level to my knowledge of push-button locks. I now have a greater understanding of the benefits of electronic digital locks over mechanical ones - particularly in the levels of security offered, from single area use to varying levels/tiers that can be applied to whole areas, specific buildings or blocks, patient and non-patient areas, ward areas, and the administration areas. I can now offer advice on the correct digital lock to suit the area and level of security and/or access required. The course was well paced and very informative."

We've got one more training course left this year (sorry, but that one is also full!) If you missed out in 2012 don't worry, as due to the high demand we will be continuing the training courses in 2013. As well as courses based at our HQ in Newbury, we are planning to run some regional training as well, the details of which will be released in the New Year.

If you are on our mailing list we'll notify you of the dates. If not, just keep checking the website and blog. If you'd like to join our mailing list, call us on 01635 239 645 or email


07, Dec 2012