New KitLock by Codelocks delivers simple, short-term access control for public storage facilities


Codelocks has introduced public functionality to its KL10 KitLock by Codelocks.

The mechanical lock now provides multiple users with keyless access to shared storage at public facilities like gyms, leisure centres, spas, retail stores, offices and shared workspaces.

The KL10, a durable and compact mechanical lock, is designed for easy use and is accessible via a four-digit code. Originally released with Private Function, the new KL10 Public Function now allows multiple occupancy facilities to offer simple short-term storage to multiple users. To operate the lock, the user simply enters a personal four-digit code to lock it. The same code is entered once again to unlock it and then the lock remains open ready for the next user to set a fresh code.

The lock has a black powder coated finish for a simple and stylish look and an easy grip outer on the handle for effortless opening. In the case of a forgotten code, the code can be retrieved using a code finding key. This simple mechanical lock allows for up to 10,000 unique combinations.

Steve Newman, European Sales Manager at Codelocks said,

“Built with simplicity in mind, the KL10 KitLock by Codelocks provides convenient mechanical access to lockers and cabinets. The existing KL10 Private Function has proven hugely popular with our customers, and we’re excited to expand the range by offering public functionality for multi-occupancy applications. As setting up new codes is largely self-sufficient, the KL10 Public Function is not only straightforward for users to operate but incredibly easy for facilities managers to oversee.

“This is ideal for public facilities that experience a number of visitors or members a day and want to offer a short-term storage solution. Take, for example, a gym facility that provides lockers for people to store their belongings while they enjoy a workout or a supermarket that requires shoppers to store their large bags outside before entering the store.”

Codelocks’ KL10 Public Function mechanical locks are straightforward to install or retrofit and codes can be reset while the lock is still on the door. 

For more information on KL10 Public Function KitLock, click here


21, Aug 2023

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