Key management made easy with Key Secure by Codelocks

Key Secure by Codelocks is a new range of simple and yet effective customisable key control cabinets. Key Secure by Codelocks enables the regulation of access and management of keys, fobs and padlocks by authorised operators only, using a single or unique code.

From estate agents and car showrooms, to offices and other business facilities, key management and control is critical for many industry sectors and businesses who heavily rely on ensuring that multiple keys are kept secure and organised, 24 hours a day.

Key Secure by Codelocks Ranges include:

  • Original Range
  • View Range
  • Extra Security Range
  • Key Control
  • Self-Close
  • Storage


Key Secure by Codelocks features include:

  • Removeable control index
  • No overhanging of keys or padlocks
  • Steel square-bodied construction
  • Crisscross door for extra rigidity
  • Boxed latch construction
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Fully adjustable hook bars
  • Peg-in, peg-out control board
  • Clear view panel for easy monitoring
  • Fully flexible numbered and colour coded hook bars with laminated numbers
  • Colour coded and numbered keyrings to suit hook bars
  • Fully controlled with Codelocks locks


3 reasons why your business needs Key Secure by Codelocks:

1. Convenient and easy to use

- Cabinets can be wall mounted or freestanding and are available in light or heavy duty with self-closing slam shut and clear door.
- Arrives fully assembled with chosen locking device already installed.
- Full programming and operating instructions included in the information pack provided with the cabinet.
- Codes can easily be changed or removed.


2. Flexible and helps to keep you organised

- Available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit all environments and a wide range of applications.
- Fully adjustable key hooks allow for the addition of extra hooks and changes to the configuration of the cabinet to accommodate keys and padlocks of various sizes.
- Numbered and colour-coded adjustable hook bars prevent bunching and tangling of keys.


3. Safe and secure minimising the risk of theft

- Steel squared, rigid-built cabinet features a robust crisscross door which provides an enhanced secure enclosure for keys, fobs and padlocks when combined with a mechanical or digital coded lock.
- Available with peg-in, peg-out control board allowing authorised key management feature that provides an audit trail to identify who has removed a key or padlock from the cabinet.


Key Secure by Codelocks is available in a variety of sizes and is ideal for facilities where there are key holders and high volumes of staff accessing multiple keys, such as garages, data centres, factories and schools. For property managers who are responsible for maintaining the security of buildings and homes, to facilities managers and caretakers in education establishments who need to keep regular track of where keys are going, Key Secure by Codelocks offers simple yet effective key storage and management.


How to choose the right Key Secure by Codelocks cabinet for your business:

Choose your cabinet capacity by determining how many keys you currently need to store and consider your future business growth. Create your bespoke Key Secure by Codelocks cabinet by selecting your preferred locking device. You can choose from the mechanical CL160 or CL255, the electronic CL2255, the CL4510 Smart Lock, or a lock from our KitLock by Codelocks range, that includes the KL1000 Classic, KL1000 RFID and KL1200.


To find out more about key management solutions or to order a bespoke Key Secure cabinet for your business visit Key Secure by Codelocks.


09, Jul 2020