KL1100 KeyPad Front Plate

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KL1100 KeyPad Front Plate

This is the front plate only.

About KL1100 KeyPad

This stylish standalone lock shares the same slimline design and powered latch as the KL1100 RFID but maintains the traditional code access keypad and features found in classic KitLock products. The product enhancements make this a front runner for those looking for traditional standalone digital locks with additional User Codes and auto-unlocking capabilities. 

Codelocks KitLock products are designed for easy install and the KL1100 KeyPad is no different, sharing the same fixing holes as the KitLock KL1000 Classic, retrofit is an option for many applications. With up to 100,000 operations, 20 User Codes, Auto-Unlock at a set time or predefined period, this lock is an easy first choice for anybody looking for an upgrade to their lockers.

Available in Metallic Silver or Gloss Black finish, the lock is easy to wipe clean with anti-bacterial wipes and sprays.

Suitable for a wide range of applications where the same code will be repeatedly used or where a single one-time user code can be entered and then erased ready for the next user, for example, hot desking in an office or a locker in a gym.


View the KL1100 KeyPad Data Sheet for full features, benefits and technical specifications

Smart new look for code operated KitLock by Codelocks

Codelocks unveils the latest addition to its KitLock by Codelocks locker range – the K1100 KeyPad. The KL1100 KeyPad joins the card operated KL1100 RFID in offering a sleek new look to accompany the versatility and flexibility already offered by Codelocks’ locks. ...
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